Terms and conditions


The terms below are general and are popular for all booking confirmation channels, by website, by phone, WhatsApp, partner sites or for arrivals directly no hotel. The values ​​and forms of payment may vary according to a given and are checked in the booking policies prior to confirmation.

Check-in : the room is available from 12:00 hours (noon)
Check-out : The room must be vacated by 10:40 am regardless of the time of arrival.

The rates are calculated according to the number of people in each room. We do not work with fractions of daily, just daily whole. Be aware of the total value of your lodging, the values ​​may vary depending on the day of the semen. How do I tell you the breakfast?
Children from 0 to 3 years old are not charged as companions and are not included in the booking without a website, but must be informed in the reservation observations. Accommodation will be provided for the same, respecting the maximum capacity of the room.
Children from 4 to 8 years. They will be included in the reservation as a Child and will be charged in accordance with a table of values ​​for a data evaluation.
Children aged 9 years and over are included in the reservation as an Adult and are charged as accompanying persons.
If your booking includes children, the collection to the hotel according to the content of the form, is applied in the current tariff and there may be difference of values ​​at a children's age has not been applied correctly no site. It is the responsibility of the client with the age of the children before confirming a reservation. According to Federal Law No. 8069/90 and article 82 of the statute of the child and adolescent, the presentation of an official document of the minor may be required.

An amount of beds in each room and available in accordance with the amount of people of the reservation. The rooms are for a minimum of two and a maximum of five people. All beds are in the same environment, with no separation. Accompanying persons are accommodated in single beds. Not available for cots for younger children. When booking with us will be guaranteed room (s) for the capacity of people selected in the reservations. No first room, floor or location number is defined. Should any of the occupants have difficulty in mobility or a restriction to upper floors, such notice must be informed to the hotel previously.

As a way to guarantee the reservation made by the site, be charged without credit card 50% of the first time within 2 business days. If the client chooses the installment, the total value of the porcelain supply in the quantity requested is charged, respecting the maximum of 3 installments. If the card collection operation is not approved, a new deadline is offered to the customer, inform the data of another card or other means of payment. There is no return for customers within 48 hours on booking and canceled.
If you choose the bank deposit will also be offered 2 business days for confirmation of deposit. Past delivery deadline is not welcomed confirmed by the customer the reservation will be canceled. If it is made to order, it is not a reservation, according to availability for the date.
Check a form of charging in the reservation policy for a data you select.

The client for up to 7 calendar days before the start of the first night to make the cancellation without cost. Cancellations made between 7 and 4 days before the first night will be charged 50% of the amount in advance as a booking guarantee. Cancellations made up to 72 hours before the first night will have a penalty of 100% of the amount advanced. Apartments not occupied until maturity the first time.
Reward with a license for the term of 4 days before the first night and it will be up to the hotel to accept them or not depending on availability for requested data. Only one booking review is accepted and the standard rate for the rescheduled date is applied. In no way does the advance value as a reserve guarantee be used as future credit. If the client can not come in the reserved period, request cancellation within the time limit.

Any and all changes you wish to make in your reservation. No matter how many people, number of rooms or data (see recovery policies) Taisko is assessed by the hotel, can or is not met, with costs or extras. The hotel reserves the right not to accept reservations that are in disagreement with the reservation or that have been changed without prior consultation. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, as long as they do not disagree with the hotel's rules.

It's not your pet back, bring it too. We accept since it is small, docile, do not make noise and consult us before bringing it. It was not possible to leave your stay in all requirements, it was not allowed to stay without hotel.

Any condition that is not mentioned here is a unique validity with confirmation by electronic means. Doubts should be clarified by means of contact made available.