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Terms & Conditions


Check-in: From 12:00 hours
Check-out: until 10:40 hours independent of the arrival time.


The daily rates are calculated as the amount of people in each room.We do not work with daily fractions, only daily whole.Stay tuned to the total value of your stay, the values ​​may vary depending on the day of semena.Rates include breakfast.

Children 0 to 3 years are not charged as companions and should not be included in the reserve on the site, but should be informed on the reserve observations.Will be available accommodation for the same, respecting the maximum room capacity.
Children 4 to 8 years should be included in the reserve as a child and will be charged according to the table values for the selected date.
Children 9 years or more should be included in the reserve as adult and will be charged as escorts.
If your reservation includes children, to get to the hotel will be confirmed the exact ages of the children, the current tariff will be applied and may be different values ​​if the age of the children has not been applied corretamenteno site.It is your responsibility to inform the children's age before confirming the booking.According to Federal Law No. 8069/90 and Article 82 of the children and adolescents of status, it may be required to submit official document smaller.


The number of beds in each room will be available as the number of people booking.The rooms are at least two and up to five people.All beds are in the same room, with no separation.Escorts will be accommodated in single beds.We do not have cots for the children.When booking with us will be guaranteed bedroom (s) for the ability to select people on reservations.There will be pre-defined room number, floor or location.If any of the occupants has difficulty with mobility or any restrictions to the upper floors, this observation should be reported to the hotel beforehand.


To guarantee the reservation will be charged on the credit card 50% of the first night within 2 business days.If the customer chooses the installment, the total value of hosting installments in the requested amount will be charged, subject to the maximum of 3 installments.If the card in the recovery operation is not approved, it will be offered a new deadline for the client to report the data from another card or other means of payment.If there is no customer feedback within 48 hours the reservation will be canceled.
If you choose to bank deposit will also be offered 2 business days for the deposit confirmation.Past the deadline offered if there is no confirmation from the client the reservation is automatically canceled.If the deposit made after the deadline offered, it will be up to the hotel whether to accept the booking, subject to availability for the date.
Daily or packages on sale may not be paid in installments


Cancellation: the client will have up to 7 calendar days prior to the first daily start to cancellation without charge.Cancellations between 7 and 4 days before the first night will be charged 50% of the anticipated value as a guarantee.Cancellations made up to 3 days before the first day will have a penalty of 100% of the anticipated value.Apartments not busy until the expiration of the first day will be considered free.
Rebooking should be made until four days before the first day and it will be up to the hotel or not accept them, subject to availability for the date requested.Will only accept a rebooking for booking and the standard tariff will be applied for the rescheduled date.Means the anticipated value as a guarantee could be used as future credit.If the customer can not come in the reserved period must request cancellation within.


Any change that the customer wishes to make the reservation must be communicated to the hotel.Is the number of people, number of rooms and dates (see rebooking policies) Such changes will be assessed by the hotel may or may not be met, costs or free.The hotel reserves the right not to accept bookings which are at odds with the reserved or has been changed without prior consultation.We will strive to meet all requests, provided they are not contrary to the rules of the hotel.


Do not leave your pet behind, bring it also.We accept long as it is small, docile, do not make noise and see before bringing it.If your pet does not meet all the requirements, will not be allowed his stay in hotel.
Any condition that is not mentioned here should be treated and individually and will be valid only with confirmation by electronic means.Questions should be clarified by means of contact available.